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  • HCR v3.0
    Automatic background suppression for dramatically enhanced performance (signal-to-background, qHCR precision, dHCR fidelity) and ease-of-use (no probe set optimization for new targets and organisms) (Choi et al., 2018). Quantitative analysis modes:


qHCR imaging: analog mRNA relative quantitation with subcellular resolution in the anatomical context of thick autofluorescent samples. 

qHCR flow cytometry: analog mRNA relative quantitation for high-throughput expression profiling of mammalian and bacterial cells.
dHCR imaging: digital mRNA absolute quantitation with single-molecule resolution in the anatomical context of thick autofluorescent samples.

Protocols for v3.0 in diverse organisms are adapted from the Zoo paper.

  • qHCR imaging
    mRNA relative quantitation with subcellular resolution in the anatomical context of whole-mount vertebrate embryos; read-out/read-in analysis framework (Trivedi et al., 2018). 


  • Zoo paper
    Protocols for multiplexed mRNA imaging in diverse sample types (Choi et al., 2016):​

bacteria in suspension

FFPE human tissue sections 

generic sample in solution

generic sample on a slide

mammalian cells on a slide

mammalian cells in suspension

whole-mount chicken embryos

whole-mount fruit fly embryos  

whole-mount mouse embryos

whole-mount nematode larvae

whole-mount sea urchin embryos

whole-mount zebrafish embryos and larvae

  • dHCR imaging
    Single-molecule mRNA imaging in thick autofluorescent samples (e.g., 0.5 mm adult mouse brain sections) (Shah et al., 2016). 


  • qHCR northern blot
    Simultaneous quantification of RNA target size and abundance for up to 5 target RNAs (Schwarzkopf & Pierce, 2016). 


  • HCR v2.0
    2nd generation in situ HCR technology (v2.0) using DNA HCR probes and DNA HCR amplifiers: 10× increase in signal, 10× reduction in cost, dramatic increase in reagent durability (Choi et al., 2014). 


  • HCR v1.0
    1st generation in situ HCR technology (v1.0) using RNA HCR probes and RNA HCR amplifiers: multiplexed mRNA imaging in whole-mount vertebrate embryos with simultaneous signal amplification for up to 5 target mRNAs (Choi et al., 2010). ​

  • HCR mechanism
    Isothermal enzyme-free molecular signal amplification (Dirks & Pierce, 2004). ​​


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