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Straightforward Multiplexing

HCR™ amplifiers enable straightforward multiplexing using: 

by providing quantitative, 1-step, high-gain, enzyme-free signal amplification for all protein and/or RNA targets simultaneously.


Orthogonal Amplifiers


Orthogonal amplifiers carrying spectrally distinct fluorophores operate independently in the same sample at the same time.


A new era for in situ hybridization: 

multiplexed, quantitative, high-resolution, sensitive, versatile, robust


Experience multiplexed, quantitative, high-resolution immunfluorescence: amplified, enzyme-free, FFPE, simple


Quantitative 1-step enzyme-free HCR™ signal amplification for all protein and RNA targets simultaneously


Catalog and Custom HCR™ Amplifiers

We offer a catalog of 5 orthogonal amplifiers labeled with any of 5 fluorophores (488, 514, 546, 594, 647). A total of 10 orthogonal amplifiers are available for custom labeling with fluorophores including 350, 405, 430, 532, 555, 568, 660, 680, 700, 750, 790, or Cyanine 5.5 or 7. 

Straightforward Multiplexing

 Orthogonal HCR™ probes

Orthogonal HCR™ amplifiers

Simple 2-stage enzyme-free protocols for IF, RNA-FISH, RNA flow cytometry, and northern blots

Simple 3-stage enzyme-free protocols for IF + RNA-FISH

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