qHCR Northern Blots

qHCR  northern blots enable simultaneous quantification of RNA target size and abundance with high accuracy and precision.

Analog Quantitative Signal

qHCR signal is analog in the form of band intensities that scale approximately linearly with target abundance.

3-Plex RNA Relative Quantitation

Relative Quantitation

For a given target, relative quantitation is performed between samples in different lanes by comparing band intensities. 

Straightforward Multiplexing

Orthogonal HCR amplifiers enable 1-step signal amplification for up to 5 target RNAs simultaneously. Straightforward multiplexing is achieved using the same 1-day protocol independent of the number of target RNAs. Learn more

Custom Probe Set Design

Custom probe set design is available for any target mRNA in any organism across the tree of life. Learn more

Absolute Quantitation

Absolute quantitation is performed by comparing samples to a standard curve generated using RNA targets of known abundance.

High Accuracy and Precision

Standard curves demonstrate high accuracy (linearity with zero intercept) and precision (tight scatter around the line). 

Automatic Background Suppression

Using HCR v3.0 probes and amplifiers, qHCR northern blots benefit from automatic background suppression throughout the protocol, dramatically enhancing performance and ease-of-use. Learn more

Absolute miRNA Quantitation

qHCR Northern Blots
 Simultaneously quantify RNA target size and abundance

✓ Relative and absolute quantitation

✓ High accuracy and precision

✓ Automatic background suppression